About Us

About Us

The Lomax family live in Manchester.  We love storytelling, music and being outside.  We believe that the way the spiritual is anchored in the practical and everyday in our lives is key not just to how we live but to our potential to grow and develop.

Vision, images and stories can be very powerful and they’re all around us.  We are passionate about unlocking people’s vision and creativity and about helping them connect with deeper aspects of themselves and of life.  For us, this is rooted within and nourished by the Christian tradition.  At the same time, we are aware of the number of different forms this can take and hope that what we do as Trees by Water can be accessible to people from a wide range of backgrounds.

We have spent years working and participating in church life.  The community and friendship we have found is something we, Elizabeth and David, have valued even more since we became parents.

Elizabeth has worked as a secretary, a Shiatsu and Reiki practitioner and a gardener.

David has worked as a support worker in a Christian therapeutic community, a spiritual healer, a church minister in the Swedenborgian church and a hospital chaplain.

We’re now working on our Vision – combining our different interests and ideas and building a business together that we are passionate about.