Nurturing Vision

We all have ideas about how we would like life to be different, whether it’s setting up a meditation space at home or starting our own business.  Having a sense of a vision and being able to develop this can affect many parts of our lives.  From our own personal projects to how we work with others, the ability to turn vision into action can make an enormous difference to us.  However, making the changes involved is not always straightforward.  With this in mind, it can be useful to think about what is involved in translating ideas into real results.

Trees by Water offers workshops and short courses to help individuals and groups work with vision.  Using a range of approaches and techniques, including the Vision Cards we have developed specifically to assist this process, we can support you on working on vision, whether you are in the very early stages of this or are some way down the line.

Vision Cards – a set of 50 cards

This set of cards offers a way of bringing focus and clarity to our intention.  As many of us know, vision can so easily become stuck and lost in the process of realisation.  Aspects of the vision process are highlighted, each accompanied by a visual image and a question to combine imagination and reflection.

Workshops and Short Courses

Vision for Life

What is my personal vision for my life?  What moves me, excites me or challenges me at a deep level?  How can I make changes from where I am now?
Half-day, one-day or weekend workshop on personal vision

Vision into Action

Exploring the part vision plays in our life, our personal sense of vision and how we can develop strategies to support putting ideas into practice
Five-week course (two-hour session each week) on how we take steps to realise our visions

Digging Deeper, Reaching Higher

What would like to achieve together?  What has inspired you to get this far?

What steps have you already taken?  Where would you like to go?  What do you need to help you get there?
Half-day, one-day or weekend workshop for groups focusing on a shared vision


Vision Events

For past events have a look in the events archive.


Exploring Vision

Vision lies at the heart of everything we do.  We imagine what we want to get out of a trip to the shops, a holiday or a new hobby.

Sometimes achieving what we want takes more effort or energy than we anticipate.  Things don't always turn out the way we've imagined them.

There may be a need to re-focus or to clarify our aims.  Part of our original impetus may need re-affirming or adapting.  Thinking about our personal vision process can help us in these circumstances.

When we are in groups, matters can seem more complicated.  If we are planning vision with others, there may be many aspects to consider.  Taking a vision through to its realisation can involve a great deal of determination, but also demand skills to work this through as a group.  In some ways this increases our sense of achievement.  What is more, reaching this point can really feel like changing the world.