Inspiration through Story

Stories can take us to unexpected places, transporting us and offering insight and inspiration.  Whether they go back far into the past or are rooted in our own times, they can connect us with deeper parts of ourselves.


Happy Ever After

Writing stories which enshrine spiritual wisdom can both re-affirm our understanding of this wisdom and help us to see it in fresh ways as it is expressed anew.
A one-day practical workshop on writing fables as a spiritual exercise

Once Upon a Time

Stories seem to be an integral part of being human, but one which we can easily take for granted.  Enjoy the treat of a couple of hours of your imagination being engaged, your heart being touched and your spirit taking flight…..
A two-hour session of storytelling

Stories and the Sacred

Spiritual traditions have long enjoyed the potential for stories to catch us unawares with the deep teaching contained within them.  Like some characters in such tales, this teaching can sometimes appear in disguise.  In this workshop we will look at how we can be open to both ancient and modern examples of this art to inspire and guide us.
A one-day workshop exploring the way stories can be used as a container for spiritual messages


Story Events

For past events have a look in the events archive.


Building Stories

Our lives are built around stories far more than we often realise.  Every time we describe to someone else something that has happened to us we choose what to emphasise and what to omit and give events a particular shape.

Stories are important for us personally but also play a significant role in the communities we live in.  In both cases they can become a summing up of things we have learned, even a distillation of wisdom.

In this way, stories can become a resource for us to use.  In reading and writing new stories we encourage the energy of storytelling to continue to grow and develop, as it also fosters that process in us.