Tapping into the Power of Symbols

Symbols have a power which we can easily forget.  Yet when we connect with a symbol which resonates with something inside us, it can have a transformative effect.

Trees by Water aims to strengthen our capacity to harness symbols in our development, just as trees grow, fed by water, earth and light.


Everyday Symbols

Even objects we see or use every day can hold something deeper for us.  A bag we pick up every morning can remind us of the relaxation of the holiday when we bought it.  Perhaps it even has an association with plans for the future which began to form whilst we were away from our normal environment.

This workshop will give us space to look at our surroundings and see what deeper messages these things may hold for us.
A one-day workshop on how we can harness the power of the symbols which are part of our everyday lives

Listening to Nature’s Symbols

Many people find being in contact with the natural world something more than just a way to relax, however much this can be a positive experience.  The different elements of earth, water and sky can link in to different parts of us.  Through focusing on these connections we can both strengthen our bond with nature and increase our awareness of what within us can help us to grow.
A one-day workshop on the connections between nature and our inner world

Symbols and the Spiritual

Have you ever had the experience of coming across something totally unexpected which somehow “spoke” deeply to you?  Symbols seem to have the power to break through the structures inside and outside us to touch our souls and take us to new levels.
A one-day workshop looking at symbols and our spiritual development

Unlocking the Symbols of the Bible

The Bible combines symbols of the natural world and human civilisation.  Together they can throw light on what lies within us and how we can respond in the best way to this.
A one-day workshop focusing on the Bible seen as a storehouse of symbols


Symbol Events

For past events have a look in the events archive.


Tapping into the Power of Symbols

We all have moments in our lives when an everyday occurrence connects us with a part of us we’ve lost touch with or forgotten.  Sometimes this happens through something that takes on a symbolic significance.

For example, losing a key can be a genuine inconvenience, but it may cause us to start thinking whether we feel “locked out” on other levels.  What “keys” do we need to find to unlock our creativity, passion or joy in life?

Taking time to reflect on such an image can enable us to become more aware of this.  We may then become better able to see the symbolic in things that just “happen”.  We can also start to use symbols consciously and deliberately in a way that can teach us about ourselves and help us to grow and mature.